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Why choose Dental plans?

Over the past few years, the dental plan has gained popularity among families and individuals. Mainly because of the countless benefits that dental plans offer. It acts like a savings account, where one pays an annual fee and gets the privilege to access dental services at a reduced rate throughout the period subscribed. There are over 30 different plans offered by My Dental Plan, and depending on the program fit for you, you can save a minimum of 10% all the way up to 60%. There is no set percentage; sometimes, one can save more than the maximum rate. A massive network of quality dentists and dentist offices have adopted this plan nationwide and have agreed to participate. This gains you access to get quality services at a lower price.

These plans are more advantageous than the traditional dental insurance as it does not involve any paperwork at all and there are no annual caps.

Benefits of dental plan

  • They cover procedures from basic preventative maintenance to advanced oral surgeries.
  • Dental Plans cover everything from accidents to emergency visits depending on the chosen plan.
  • Orthodontics plans and cosmetic savings plans are available.
  • a wide range of coverages for male, female, individual, or family.

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Dental plans are a great alternative to dental insurance

Dental plans often provide more value than traditional dental insurance, some of the that value is:

  • Dental plan activation is quick, unlike the dental insurance. Saving Time and enabling patients to get services immediately upon activation
  • There are no health restrictions. Any individual is free to join unlike in dental insurance where people with poor health do not participate.
  • There are no paper works involved. These reduce the hassles and make it convenient for the customers.
  • There are no annual limits.
  • Patients get dental care immediately unlike in the dental insurance where they wait.
  • There are cosmetic dentistry savings.

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Save on Quality Dental Care

  • Save at least 10% on dental procedures and up to 60% in some instances.
  • Choose from over 30 dental savings plans
  • Plans start as low as $79.95 per year
  • Group, individual & family plans available

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